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Warmest Welcome To TheASEAN Youth Camp MALAYSIA

July 25th - 29th, 2019

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ASEAN Youth Camp History

The History

As Kamalasai school, Kalasin, Thailand, with the co-operation of Rajamongkala University of Technology Isan Kalasin Campus (RMUTI) and EIS Association Thailand organized 1st Kalasin Asean Youth Camp: KAYC last February 2013, the results of the camp make all participants satisfied and impressive.

All participants shared idea, experience, culture and worked together, further more, when they came back home after the camp, they can contact on socail media and become closed friends. Because of the achievement of KAYC, and because of the agreement of EIS schools net work in Thailand and Asean countries, EIS Association Thailand and Kamalasai school have to keep on organizing KAYC, but change the name to Thailand Asean youth camp 2014 : TAYC 2014.           AEISA is stand for ASEAN English for Integrated Study Association which consists of all ASEAN Nation teachers and students is the most important association to drive the project. Since 2016, AEISA encourage all AEISA members to host ASEAN Youth Camp in their country in order to give the opportunities for members to immerse with local tradition. Besides, students and teachers from the hosts country may witness the function and movement of AEISA at minimal costs.            This Project is to invite students or the youth of Asean countries, and teachers  to participate and have variety of activities, sharing, exchanging culture and develop leadership for being the leaders of international understanding in the future.


1.      To promote good  relationship between the youth and teachers of ASEAN countries.

2.      To enhance the youth to practice leadership characteristics  for ASEAN community.

3.      To share and exchange idea, experience and culture among the youth and teachers in ASEAN countries

4.      To organize the Asean Teachers Network Association : ATNA for the youth development of Asean

5.      To promote mutual understanding among all ASEAN teachers and students without interfering by economy, geography, religious or ethnic background

6.      To generate good relationship among ASEAN youth and teachers to drive secure and meaningful ASEAN Region

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