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Warmest Welcome To TheASEAN Youth Camp MALAYSIA

July 25th - 29th, 2019

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The AEISA Background

AEISA Philosophy

Education for children is a partnership among educators, parents and the community. The AEISA community provides learning opportunities for members in ASEAN and beyond, to encourage (or satisfy) their desire for learning through the development of moral, intellectual, physical, social-emotional and aesthetic purviews, and to enable them to develop well in a competitive globalised world.

AEISA Core Values

We believe in treating the community with respect and faith that help shape our members for the future by building a strong fraternity, deepening our expertise, and through forging partnership with education communities, for the growth and well-being of our students and teachers.  

AEISA Vision

Leading and inspiring our students to believe in themselves and to achieve better success in life.

AEISA Mission Statement

Nurturing our members for the future to make a difference in their life by inspiring their learning, instilling knowledge in them, and strengthening communities in ASEAN and beyond, so as to prepare them for taking on challenges of the future.

AEISA Executive Approach

AEISA Strategies

1. Innovate and Enhance teaching and learning Skills.

2. Strategic Collaboration with higher education Institution, University and Multinational Company.

3. Expertise Transfer and knowledge sharing about new innovation, approach and excellent achievement methodology.

4. Community Care between members’ countries and beyond.

AEISA Execution Strategies

1. Engaging students and teachers through annual AYC events.

2. Enhancing teacher’s expertise in the annual conference.

3. Building up fund to assist people in need.

4. Collaborating with multi-national organizations to increase world-recognition of the association and gaining support.

5. Advancing students’ and teachers’ cognitive activities through innovations and competitions.

6. Providing members with latest technology for innovations and instilling in them the flexibility to readily adapt to the changing technology.

7. Exchanging special expertise and knowledge by sharing learning with others.

8. Promoting and sharing diverse community beliefs, culture and backgrounds to induce self-esteem and national pride.

9. Enhancing awareness of English throughout all events to increase the opportunities for students and teachers to communicate and use English.

10. Collaborating with the universities and corporate companies to acquire the furthering study opportunities and scholarships.

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